[FF/MU]Client and Patch[.EXE's]

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[FF/MU]Client and Patch[.EXE's]

Post  Xtr3m3r on Tue 17 Mar - 21:31:17

The links for the client and the patch. Just install GunZ and then run the patch and install it to the game directory.

megaupload.com DNONSHOK

megaupload.com HPULUPU0

Its a full patch, You only need these 2 thingys (Client and patch) and your client's done.

I just made them into a .EXE since I saw some1 I think it was Trey having problem with the .rar. Don't forget to select a Directory to install the game! I'll upload the full client, patched, later on.


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Re: [FF/MU]Client and Patch[.EXE's]

Post  Matt on Wed 1 Apr - 6:57:52


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