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Post  Lloyd on Tue 17 Mar - 22:15:44

Dear GunZ Players,
I, Lloyd, has invented an idea for my forum, Infractions.
These are forum messages that need to be read.

These are the requirements and points for an infraction.

1~5 - Good [User broke a minor rule, Not bad.]
5~10 - Moderate [User has broken a rule that abuses and flames(Swear Rules,Insults etc.)]
10~15 - Bad [User has broke a major rule that should not be broken on forums]
15~30 - Very Bad [User will be banned]

Requirements for forum ban:

1~5 - 10 Infractions - Ban [1 Day]
5~10 - 5 Infractions - Ban [3 Days]
10~20 - 2/3 Infractions - Ban [10 Days]
20~30 - 1 Infraction - Ban [Permanent]

Thank you users for reading this.

Administrators: Private Message me for the form of the infraction.


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